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Top Python Interview Questions

Today Python is a very popular language. It is very easy to understand and learn. And there are lot of jobs on python in the market today. It is not limited to a particular domain, it can be used as web programming language, system programming, data analysis, and even the Machine learning and the Artificial Intelligence using python is very popular in the market. Python has very big community and support on these domains. Now If you are going to use the Python as a web programming language. I am going to post the most commonly asked python interview questions. What is Python Python is a general purpose high-level programming language generally used for the web development, and system programming. It supports both the OOPS as well as the procedural, and functional programming paradigm. It is very simple, easy to understand and learn. It is the interpreter based programming language. What are the features of Python Features of python include:- python supports both the functional and the structural programming paradigm python syntax is easy to understand and learn automatic garbage […]

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