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Local Storage in Ionic 2

What is Local Storage      Local storage is a kind of the Web Storage. It is the web application protocols and methods by which we can easily store data in the web browser storage or simply store data client side. Local storage is also helpful in reducing the server load, as data which has to be accessed frequently, can be stored in the local storage and not need to be fetched again and again from the server. Local storage can be used to store the user credentials in a secure way, that easily authenticate the user without having him to login again,example:- we can store the token of user in local storage, in token based REST authentication system.      Obviously we have the storage at client side,i.e. Local storage which can be leveraged in many ways, making our web applications or mobile hybrid applications more productive. Local storage is supported by almost every browser, like IE8(Internet Explorer 8) and later, Mozilla Based browser, google chrome, opera, safari etc.      It is very easy to use, i.e. very simple syntax, shown as follows. Browsers […]

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