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Integration of Elastic Search and Django(A Python Framework) – Part One

In this tutorial I am going to show you the Integration of Elastic Search and Django. I am using Django 1.10, ElasticSearch 5.2.0, and Ubuntu 16.04 OS for the application. Lets Have a look on the model we are going to build.      A simple application that have five simple models : – Product Model, Category Model, SubCategory Model, UserProfile, and the User Model. This is the part One of the tutorial, in this part I am going to build an application at Django Part. To install Django on your system refer here. Open terminal and type command

make virtual environment

activate the virtual environment

install django 1.10 in the virtual environment using pip

make a app named core that will contain our models

Here is the directory structure for our application go to the elasticdjango/ file and add the core application to the Installed apps:- add following code to the core/ file

Don’t worry if you are not able to understand this time the whole code. This in simple words contain the models definitions […]

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