Top Python Interview Questions

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Today Python is a very popular language. It is very easy to understand and learn. And there are lot of jobs on python in the market today.
It is not limited to a particular domain, it can be used as web programming language, system programming, data analysis, and even the Machine learning and the Artificial Intelligence using python is very popular in the market. Python has very big community and support on these domains.

Now If you are going to use the Python as a web programming language. I am going to post the most commonly asked python interview questions.

What is Python
Python is a general purpose high-level programming language generally used for the web development, and system programming. It supports both the OOPS as well as the procedural, and functional programming paradigm. It is very simple, easy to understand and learn. It is the interpreter based programming language.

What are the features of Python

Features of python include:-

  • python supports both the functional and the structural programming paradigm
  • python syntax is easy to understand and learn
  • automatic garbage collection

If python is a case sensitive programming language

Python is a case sensitive programming language

if python is a interpreter or compiler based language

Python is interpreter based programming language

What is the difference between the list and the tuple

The list in python is mutable datatype and the tuple in python is the immutable data type. 

Basic difference of list and tuple usage is:-

  • List is intented to store the homogenous type of data like the collection of the same type of the data while,
  • Tuple is intented to store the hetrogeneous type of the data like a coordinate point (1.2,2.2) where the first index of the tuple to store the x coordinate of the point and the second index of the tuple store the y axis

So we can use the list and tuple both as :-

here l1 is the list of the tuples of the points and each tuple is consist of the point. i.e. (x,y)

What is the dictionary in python

A dictionary in python is like the associative array type of the data structure. It is more called like a mapping. Python dictionaries are implemented as a hash table.

If we pass the arguments in python by value or by reference

Arguments are passed by value in python

How do we copy the object in python

we can copy the variable in python in two ways – deep copy and the shallow copy

for shallow copy

for deep copy

What is the difference between the deep copy and the shallow copy of the object 

Difference between the deep copy and the shallow copy is:

In shallow copy of the object, only the references of the nested objects in the object is copy to the new object created using the shallow copy. So any new nested property added to the old one will not add into the new object created by shallow copy. while any change in the old existed properties will also reflected in the new object


while, in the deep copy of the object, the whole structure of the object with the references and values of the nested properties will be copied to the newly created object using the deepcopy. Any change to the old object  and the nested properties of the old object will not reflected in the new object created using the deepcopy.


What is the python decorator

A python decorator is a function ( or a callable object) which takes the function as an argument and return the modified version of the function passed.


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